Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hair Loss: How Does Laser Hair Growth Work?

Hair loss is something a lot of people experience in their lifetime. Although the causes of hair loss could be hereditary, as a result of medical conditions or due to hormonal changes and vary from person to person, no one is excited about the prospect of shedding hair or growing bald.
Various people came up with different solutions to combat hair loss; some of which were quite ineffective and add a number of side effects. For a while, the options of anyone who wanted grow hair were limited to creams, expensive prescription medication, numerous visits to hair clinics, hair restoration surgery and other inconvenient methods. Then the laser hair growth therapy appeared to save the day.

Is it really too good to be true?

With the waves laser hair growth has been making, there have been a number of controversies. A lot of people have debated if the treatment actually works. The fact is laser hair growth has been known to be an effective therapy for hair loss. It has been known to stimulate hair follicles, reverse thinning as well as restore lost hair.

How does it work?

There are several laserhair growth devices that provide low-level light therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth. This low-level light therapy makes use of lasers or light energy that is below a certain threshold and within a particular wavelength, to help improve hair growth.
The origin of the light used in this sort of devices can range between laser and LED devices. The laser devices are often called cold lasers because they do not produce heat. As such, they are deemed safe to use as they do not inflict damage on the hair follicles or skin. When the light is beamed, the cells absorb the low-level light therapy which make them more active and improves their effectiveness in hair growth.

What's true and what is false?

Even though researchers agree that several laser hair growth devices (that use LLLT) trigger hair growth, the precise system of how low-level light therapy works has not been fully explored.
Also worthy of note is that a laser hair growth device is not a magic product, which you use at night on a bald head, and automatically see a full hair of head the next morning, that some people are making it out to be. Neither is it absolutely ineffective solution which some are accusing it to be. The truth is that in order to restore lost hair, laser hair growth device requires some form of consistency in its use.
It is likewise important to understand that laser hair growth works best in the beginning stages of hair loss. The treatment has shown different levels of results for different people. It has been noted to work better for those with thinning hair and less for those with little or no hair at all. The earlier one starts the therapy the more success one would likely have.
As long as there are hair follicles on the skin of the head, hair growth is possible. Though, the portions of the scalp where there are more hair follicles will most likely respond better and have more hair growth, while portions with fewer follicles will witness less hair growth.
Laser hair growth could provide a reprieve from hair loss. This means that your days of hiding your head beneath scarves, hats or other coverings could finally be over. Low level laser therapy can also keep your hair loss in check so that the portion where the hair is thinning does not increase in size. However, it is imperative to know the cause of the hair loss one is suffering from before purchasing any laser hair growth device or therapy package.
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Most Durable Manicure You’ll Have This Month

People are talking about it online and in person. Pinterest and Instagram is filled with photos of it. But how do these dip powder manicures actually work?

Usual nail prep aside, dip powder nail manicures veer off the well-trod shellac highway and into new territory. Seconds after your nail tech paints the liquid base coat over your nails, they will dip your finger into a colored powder.

That powder may not look a lot like the color you just chose from a picture, but we promise it gets better. Depending on the type of manicure you want, you might get multiple coats of base coat and powder, plus final sealer and even a vitamin oil massage.

What you won’t get is exposure to UV rays and exposure to some of the toxic chemicals that are typically used in other types of nail finishes. SNS dipping powder contains Benzoyl Peroxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Acrylic Ester Polymer, plus vitamins and calcium. It does not have formaldehyde or toluene and it does not need UV light to set.

A writer for Teen Vogue wrote about her positive experience getting an SNS nail manicure. Other beauty sites like Glamour have similar things to say about this innovative nail finish that’s actually been around since the 1980s.

What Is Dip Powder?

Dip powder is fine grained, and it contains a bonding agent called cyanoacrylate. If that word sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the main ingredient of Krazy Glue. It turns out that dip powder nails are close cousins of both gels and acrylics.

By building up layers of powder and liquid base coats and sealers, the nail tech ensures your nails are strong as well as beautiful.

Benefits Of SNS Nail Manicures

While you can find SNS nail salons around the world, their products have recently skyrocketed in popularity. Although the SNS company says their manicures feel lighter and more flexible than gels or acrylics, not everyone agrees. But beauty bloggers rave about how dip powder nails are very durable, lasting up to 4 weeks.

You can often get a dip powder manicure for about the same price as gels and the process itself doesn’t smell to high heaven so you don’t leave the salon high. You can get some absolutely gorgeous, rich colors that you can’t find in other manicures. Besides over 200 matte and glitter shades, you can also enjoy pink and white French manicures.

Even better, the sealant nail finish dries almost instantly so you don’t need nail dryers and UV lights to set them. It’s neat to watch the powder transform into a high gloss finish. Then you’ll have shiny works of art you can use right away.

The Cons Of Dip Powder Nails

Because they are so tough and durable, it takes quite a bit of soaking in acetone to remove your old manicure. That may be the longest part of your salon visit, lasting up to 20 to 30 minutes for removal and nail prep. That’s also the only time this kind of manicure might actually damage your nails.

SNS warns that exposing your manicure to too much sunlight or bleach may cause the finish to yellow. They recommend wearing gloves when using bleach and applying sunscreen when spending time outdoors or tanning indoors.

Investigate SNS Nails For Yourself

If you’re a fan of getting your nails done, it’s a smart idea to try dip powder nails. You may fall in love with this system and end up blessing your nails with better health. No more UV light, 4 weeks of wear, and and plenty of vitamins can’t be a bad thing at all.
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The best essential oil recipes to try with your diffuser

The essential oils are of different types where each offers a very distinct set of benefits to the users. If you have an oil diffuser then there are many oil recipes which you can try to have a soothing effect. You must keep in mind that the quality of the oil diffuser also matters a lot when looking to make the most out of the essential oil that you wish to use with the unit.

Essential oil recipes:

If you read out the essential oil diffuser reviews about the recipes of essential oil then the following ones are the best to try:

1. The Wakeup Special

This is the best combination to try for enhancing the alertness in you or when you are looking for a very rapid and quick pick me up. Add 2 drops each of peppermint and the wild orange essential oil for making this combo. People love this recipe because it makes the user feel alert, active and fresh to start the new day with great energy and zest to cater all work of the day.

2. Clean and Fresh

It is an exceptional recipe for triggering a very warm and a welcoming atmosphere in your house. It is quite fresh and bright with excellent soothing effects. For this recipe, you need to make a mixture with 2 drops of lavender, lemon and the rosemary essential oil. Your home would be a great place after you have got this mixture spread there.

3. Odor Eliminator

This is the most basic need for using an essential oil diffuser. If an awful or unpleasant odor at home is troubling you then this recipe could freshen up your entire home within no time. Make a mixture with 2 drops of lemon EO and 1 drop each of Melaleuca, lime, White Fir and the Cilantro EO. You will feel the effects in a way that clears out the unpleasant odors and adds a fresh fragrance for you to feel great.

4. Seasonal Support

In order to create and maintain a very clean breathing environment and an excellent immune response, this recipe can be highly effective.You can make this EO recipe with 2 drops each from the peppermint, lemon and the lavender essential oils.

All these recipes can be used occasionally or can become a part of your daily routine. You can use the one that suits you the best or would be the best solution to make your life even better.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ways to Check if the Mattress is Really Effective for a Side Sleeper

There are ways you can do to check if the mattress is the one that you need. There is nothing to worry about, because you will learn here the right kind of mattress side sleeper and how to check if it is meant for you.

Things to keep in mind

The mattress feels firmer when it is new, but it will eventually loosen up after some time. So, next time you insist on returning or exchanging the mattress, wait for some time before you do that.
Have a mattress protector or sheets to make you feel comfortable and it is also more comfortable than without the sheets.

Ways to check

  1. Check the motion distribution. This is important if you are sharing a bed with someone. Don’t be scared to bounce and roll round the bed, this is the best thing to do to test its durability and firmness.
  2. Mattress shopping is a hard activity and it must be done by couples when they are in a good mood to prevent arguments.
  3. Wear comfortable clothes every time you sleep.
  4. Testing a mattress is close to a tournament. There must be notes of your dose and donts in a mattress, it will make you decide well about the brand and the type that you will buy.
  5. Body weight is another factor that must be considered.

Side sleepers

Fetal sleeping position is the most ideal way to sleep at night, but a lot of people are side sleeper. No matter what the kind of sleeping position you have, it is important to make sure that your spine is well aligned with the rest of the body using the mattress.

Tips for side sleepers

It is ideal to use a camera to take photos while you are lying in bed. This will make you see how straight or swayed your back is when lying in bed.

What to expect in a mattress

When you have a new mattress, it is just normal for you to not be able to sleep well during the first 2-3 weeks, which is called the adjustment period. The body follows with the bent out shape of the mattress that leads to back issues.

The right type of mattress for side sleepers

Sleep Innovations 10/12-in Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress 20 year warranty offers you the best care and comfort at the same time. It comes with 2.5in lavish layers of SureTemp Memory Foam on top of the 9.5in the base of the memory foam. The memory foam will cushion the body. It will work by spreading the weight, so tension and pressure points will be relieved for a restful sleep.

This product is uniquely formulated for side sleepers to have a better air circulation and it will also keep the body temperature as well. The usual memory foam keeps the heat that causes sleep obstruction throughout the night, but this one is formulated to improve the flow of the air for a better and cooler sleep at night.

To sum it up, side sleepers do not have to worry, because there are things you can do check if the foam is just what you are looking for. SureTemp offers you the newest mattress technology that will make you sleep soundly at night.